Monday, November 17, 2008

SESSION 99 - somewhere in norcal

Though the weather in SF was perfect and a swell was due at OB, I decided on a whim to head way north to do some hiking and catch some waves. Out of respect for the secrecy of the spot, I won't go into too many details, but it was an incredible weekend of exploration, hiking, surfing, seals, rocks, kelp, creeks, driftwood, bear tracks, dehydrated lasagna, pink marshmallows, bonfires, sand and sun. The waves weren't huge, but pretty incredible: 3-5 offshore & glassy. I had an epic session, pulling into 2 nice barrels and boosting my first air in a really long time, actually landing one back into the wave. Super consistent and just pumping all day long, with only a handful of guys on it at once. There were surfers coming in on jetskis, boats, and planes. Joanie snapped some good shots from the beach too, but promised not to post them on surfline...It was epic though, and next time I go back I'll be spending a few more days to be sure.


Ramin said...
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Ramin said...

Wow, you actually went for it! I'm so impressed Colin! Sounds like such a sick session trip. I wish I was there again with you. I am going to go ahead and take partial credit for your good times by driving your interest with our trip, although not too much credit because I so thoroughly tried to dissuade you from going with your time frame. Damn, awesome work. Where do I get more pictures?

Colin said...

hey ramin, you definitely deserve credit for blazing the trail for joanie and i. i had heard about the spot before and always planned on taking a motorcycle trip up there, but it wasnt until you were planning your trip and another friend was telling me about hiking there that it really made me want to check it out. and your advice was spot on, the hike in was brutal, i was complaining by the end of it. we took monday off, which made it a lot more bearable and the trek back wasn't bad at all. check out more photos here: