Saturday, February 28, 2009

clean hed-Hi OhBee

Super fun session, first time out in a while. Was in DC for the last week on business, and it's been raining all the time so I haven't been going out much on the bodyboard. I used Rube's batwing board with my old leash from when I was 11 or 12. I like the way the board rides, it's an easier time keeping the rail set than with the old BZ. Wind was offshore and waves about head high today, some standout sets and clean barrels. Took lots of pictures and caught a lot of rides, probably 6 waves in my first 20 minutes out there. Plenty of hollow ones to pull into, and on the bodyboard you don't have to make it out clean to continue the ride. I drifted pretty far north, getting out at Lincoln after a little over an hour. The creeping tide was making it wonky and the winds started beating it up. Played fetch with Gus on the beach for a while and headed home for some of Joan's awesome Indo turkey chile. Now it's off to get groceries and run some errands.

Man, it's nice to be home. Every time I return to SF after some time away I'm reminded of what a great scene it is here and how lucky I really am to live so close to OB.
From OB Saturday 2.28
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