Wednesday, July 28, 2010

what is this...a barrel for ANTS!?!

ankle biters on tap this AM, but it was relatively nice out and i just got a new sony tx5 camera that i've been dying to test out, along with a new wrist shot strap from a cool local company called Golden Hour. i'll post a more thorough review when i'm able to test the setup in more serious surf for a longer session, but so far so good. the 10mp resolution is 2x better than that of the GoPro cam, and I'm a sucker for the 10fps burst mode. perfect for capturing those critical moments. it also does a lot better in low light, has a 4x zoom, touch screen display, panorama, etc. basically it's a fully featured slim little point and shoot that also happens to be waterproof to 10ft and shockproof too. my only gripe so far is that the touch screen is too sensitive in the water for my fat fingers, i end up pressing things and get stuck in the menu by mistake. It's probably something I can disable in the settings, I need to play with it some more. The new wrist strap from Golden Hour worked well so far, although like I said, the waves were tiny and I was only in the water for half an hour, so I can't really give it an accurate assessment yet. It appears to be a well made peice though, and the velcro is strong so I expect it will hold up well. Stay posted for a full review soon, and pray for surf...
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Ramin said...

That barrel needs to be a least... 3 times bigger! Sweet shots. Taken as you were on your feet pulling into the tube of course, right? Doggie door exit?

Nic said...

Nice, new camera looks sweet. Let's hope for some waves!

Ramin, scored any epic caribbean secret-spot sessions yet?