Tuesday, December 7, 2010

baby Kirra & paternity leave sessions

Kirra Elise Bogart was born on Nov 23rd at 4:23 am, and needless to day I am super stoked to be a dad. She's absolutely beautiful and Joanie and I are a ridiculously happy little family.
It's been as tiring as everyone said it would be, with constant feedings, changing diapers, and housekeeping stuff. Although my life priorities have completely shifted, I've been able to sneak out to OB twice so far this month for some solid waves. On most of the other days when I can't make time to surf, I've been running with Gus down to Sloat and back, trying to stay active. Life is good- and having a baby really gives me so much to look forward to, taking care of her and watching her grow and eventually teaching her things. I can't wait to get her out in the water as soon as she is able to walk, maybe down at Cowell's or the HMB jetty - it will probably be a while until she's out in the lineup at OB. Not until she's at least 3...

This shot is from my first post-partum session, on Dec 1st. The waves and weather were beautiful, but it was a mob scene in the water. People dropping in left and right too, but still scored some really good lefts.

These shots were from today, there were some nice barrels to be had, although I didn't make it out of any. Lots of pulling in and getting pounded, but the paddle wasn't too bad.
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Joanie said...

U r already a super dad. Kirra is one lucky girl with a golden Chow she's gonna be best friends with and the beach to entertain her.