Saturday, July 30, 2011

flying fish

been riding the 5'6" fish setup as a thruster for my last few sessions and it's been really fun. not quite as fast but a lot more control than the quad setup when linking turns, less slipping and sliding through cutbacks. had a really fun session this morning, waves were small but punchy and lined up. i was catching a lot of long rides and in a pretty good rhythm. my last wave of the session was a beaut, took off behind the peak and bottom turned around the first section, hit a snappy turn off the top and then a smooth cutback. it continued to wall up pretty steep and i raced down the line towards the closeout and popped a clean frontside air and actually tweaked it out a little, landing in the flats before falling. i wouldn't say i stomped it, i definitely didn't ride out clean, but nonetheless it was a really good ride for me. fingers crossed for some more launch ramps at OB tomorrow morning.

one day i'll be able to boost like this....riiiight


Joanie said...

wow that guy got some air! hey why is the picture cropped off again?

Ramin said...

Wow, do I get to try the fish when I get back? I´ll probably be too afraid to ding your own shape anyway. Sounds like a fun session, glad to hear you got some waves.