Monday, June 29, 2009

K St Sunday

Some fun waves on tap yesterday, the inside was dredging and waves were steep and fast. Good corners to snag and plenty of opportunities to hit the lip. Surfed with Ramin, Ryan and Josh, and Joanie shot some pics from the beach as well. Ramin had a ding sucking water on his trusty fish, so he had to run back to my house to borrow my 6'3" squash (which later had a leash failure...and then Ramin locked his keys in his car, but I'll let him recount that story). Surfed for ~2 hours and we all caught plenty of rides. I landed a few nice top turns, one sort of floater where I dropped from the lip down to the flats and rode it out nicely, and a couple of air attempts but nothing landed clean. One little backside air too, but I landed out the back. It felt nice though to have enough control and speed backside to boost off the lip with authority. I shot some videos from the water too, if you're bored check em out.

Off the top
From Joaniecam OB/Ft Funston 6.28.09

Ramin ripping
From drained out kirkham

Slideshows here:
drained out kirkham

And slideshow from Joanie shooting from the beach here:
Joaniecam OB/Ft Funston 6.28.09

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Ramin said...

Boosting off the lip with authority! What a proclamation - I like it. Thanks for the pictures and the video. I love reliving the action through your blog and pictures and video.

Good times, despite all my blunders. Thanks for the board.