Monday, June 22, 2009

Linda Mar Saturday, Steamers Sunday

Nic, Ramin, Ryan, Joanie and I headed to Linda Mar on Saturday, International Surfing Day, in a noble effort to raise awareness of the fine art of waveriding and spread our filthy stoke all over the place. It went pretty well. Joanie took some great photos from the beach. Some of my faves are posted here, the rest are in the Picasa album along with some pics from a playful Sunday at Steamer Lane. No time to blog all of the details, but Steamers was tiny but fun, highlights were the spastic guy who was pumping like he was having a seizure and then doing front flips off of his board right in the good part of the wave, and then there was the rabid seal who charged Ramin and also bit this other guy's board. Wild. Never a dull moment at 'the Steamers' as Ramin likes to call it. Anyways, all of these words are making my eyes hurt, here are some pretty pictures to stare at:


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Ramin said...

Nic - excellent flying swan huck!
Colin - soul arch! almost as cool as the crouching soul arch.
Ryan - shredding on th 6'1" potato chip
Joan - awesome photog work, next time I take pictures and you surf

I look forward to reading your blog every day, Colin. Keep on rocking. Thanks for getting me into the steamers - we shall return. Good times.

Joan said...

Ok if it's at the steamers i will join next time. Or kick around on the boogie. Glad some of the shots were decent action shots!

Josh said...

looks like a lot of fun. nice shots joan! hopefully the waves are still goin this weekend.