Monday, August 17, 2009

shaping bay progress

stoked to have finally made some real headway, the walls are all painted, carpet pulled up, shoddy shaping rack constructed with crooked 2x4s and framing nails, and roughing out a blank recycled from an old broken board. also snapped some shots from the beach on Saturday, although I didn't surf, thinking Sunday AM would be cleaner. It wasn't. Joanie shot some video using an old dv camcorder, but i need to install iMovie before I can upload any of the clips. Nothing great anyhow.
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Ramin said...

Whoohoo! So stoked to see you started shredding on a homemade board. What a great feeling that will be. Please keep a nice photo log of the various stages of development of your board.

I just thought of a great idea. Have you ever seen Yes, yes, I know I'm a huge hipster poser. What if we started something like that for amateur surfboard shapers?

Colin said...

i'll check out that site for sure...and yeah, definitely will be documenting the progress on my first few boards, and the bay as it comes together. still gotta put lights up...maybe a home depot run after work tonight.