Tuesday, August 18, 2009

small glassy Montara

bailtown! Nic and Ramin got more sleep than I did, but I got more waves muahahaah!!! Honestly, if you didn't surf this AM you didn't miss much. OB was looking smaller but marginally cleaner than the last few days, while LM was teeny tiny, and Rockaway looking weak too. GWC looked aight, but I decided to drive over the hill and check Montara. It was definitely a fun session, only 3 other guys out around 6:30, and some punchy clean little waves. Sets were chest high, with some shoulder high standouts on occasion. A few memorable waves, a decent ride generally consisted of fading out the bottom turn to get as much speed as possible, one cutback, and then racing down the line to hit a little floater or snap into the shorebreak closout section. On one wave I stomped a little frontside air, I love the sound it makes when the board lands back on the water, kindof a thwaaap!!!
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Nic said...

Actually looks like fun. Sorry I'm lame too and bailed as well. So Lazy!!!

Ramin said...

I'm a bailtown bum. Nice working getting out there, Cbogs. Dedication.