Monday, December 28, 2009

shack float carve

Scoured the coast with Ramin yesterday in search of some clean waves, since OB was maxed out and looking unsurfable without jet-ski assist. Ended up on the west side of SC, and scored some really good waves at low tide north of the Lane. Waves were head high with some + sets, fast and hollow with a good barrel section and lots of room to carve turns. My wave of the day was a head high set wave, I faded out the bottom turn anticipating hitting the lip, but pulled up, stalled, and got a clean little shack, even looked up as it was cascading over me. Came out of the barrel, pumped, hit a floater past a section, then grabbed my rail into a big cutback and worked the rest of the wave through to the inside. Was uber stoked, paddled back out with a ridiculous grin on my face, just in time to see Ramin drop into a sick one on his new Las Olas board, absolutely flying down the line. Was a great session, made me hungry for more point break waves. So much easier to surf them well compared the the chaos at OB. I'm getting really pumped for my Indo trip in January, although I'll be with family, so will have to restrain myself from surfing the entire day away.
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Ramin said...

That was sick. All I saw was the floater from out the back, but that alone was amazing. You are an animal.

Such a great session. See you in Nica, you crazy pro surfer maniac.