Saturday, June 12, 2010

cStar maiden voyage

finished sanding my first board last night and took it for a spin today in some choppy sloppy waves at OB. on my first wave i was able to pump down the line and hit a little floater - stoked! really happy with the board so far, it feels intuitive dropping in and bottom turning, pumping down the line, and cutting back. it pretty much goes where I want it to without bogging or pearling, which is all i could really ask for out of my first board. i'm looking forward to testing it out on some punchier waves and longer pointbreaks so i can really get some solid turns in. already looking forward to finishing my next board, which will be more designed for small gutless summer waves.
more pics:
C-Star 1 maiden voyage
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Ramin said...

Cbogs! Your first board looks beautiful. Nice classic shape. I hope you get a punchy south swell soon to give it a proper test. That must be so cool to surf a board you shaped and glassed yourself. What did you end up glassing it - One layer of 6oz on top, one of 4oz on bottom?

Stephen said...

colzo, sweet looking board. preforms pretty well too. like the logo. is that "less than alpinestar??"