Friday, January 16, 2009

offshore Judah dawn patrol

Karl's disappearing act...

Met up with Karl and Mark for a little dp action at Judah. Swell is building, but waves are still pretty small. Offshore breeze is holding it up nicely and there are some barrels to pull into if you're in the right place at the right time. Caught a handful of fun rides, still really amused by the boogyboard. Compared to a surfboard, it's such a bouncy ride going down the line, and pulling into closeouts it really forgiving. Got a nice right that barreled over me, got smashed by the lip but held on and basically ended up riding sideways in towards the beach. Fun stuff. Had an opportunity to capture Mark pulling into a nice closeout barrel, but the camera batteries weren't happy with the cold, so I missed it. Gotta charge em before the next session. On my way out I saw Mark catch his last wave, a nice set wave that he ripped a few turns on, hit the lip and then proned out to the beach. Nice one. I'm looking forward to a weekend of building swell, more photos, and hustling people in bumper pool...
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Update: Swell filled in nicely, check out some pics from sunset -
OB Sunset 1/16/2009

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