Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Session 47 & 48 - dolphin playtime

Yesterday I snuck in an AM & PM session, because the weather was nice and waves were fun. In my AM session there were at least 3 dolphins swimming around, getting pretty close to me. At one point all 3 of them simultaneously breached through a nice set wave directly in front of me. I blame the dolphins for making me miss at least 3 really nice waves. Even snagged a pic of one, thanks to the hero cam. The waves were fun and fast, changing a lot with the tide. I'm hoping these conditions stick around all week.


croissantpark said...

Very cool photo of the dolphin swimming around you. I have seen that photo, which I am sure you have seen where the surfer is on a wave and a pod of dolphins are surfing the wave also. That photo is one of my favorites. Great blog. Stay safe out there.
God Bless,

Colin said...

thanks John- I know the picture you're talking about, its a great one. I actually was very close to a pod of dolphins riding a wave but unfortunately didn't get a shot of them. maybe next time...