Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Indo Surf pics

I'll post more commentary on the individual spots later, but for now here are some quick pics:

Session 72: Playgrounds
After snorkeling, Jon and I took the boat over to Playgrounds, which was a small and mellow left breaking relatively close to shore. Beautiful clear water and live coral, tropical fish swimming around. Small waves though, and oddly chilly water.

Session 73: Lacerations
Session 74: Sanur
Session 75: Sanur dawn patrol
Session 76-78: Gili Trawangan
Session 79: Balangan
Session 80: Padang Padang
Session 81: Bingin
Session 82: Dreamland


Brian said...

dude... dreamland looks sick. see ya out at ob soon.

gillianhope said...

those sanur pics are dope!
you, me, n posiedon on sunday...