Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motorcycle surf rack success!

I finally got a surf rack installed on my bike. I was able to buy a Carver moped rack for $120 and mount it underneath my Givi rack. It took some trial and error to get it mounted properly, but it's really solid. I test rode it this AM from SF down to Half Moon Bay, then to Mountain View. It did fine going down the coast, and I'm impressed with how stable it is at freeway speeds. 80 mph sustained, no problem. Touched 90, and could've stayed there all day if not for CHP. Lane splitting was fine too, although I was extra careful not to take off anyone's mirror with the tail of my board. The winds today seem average, and you can definitely feel the crosswinds buffeting you, but it's not nearly as bad as I'd imagined. We'll see how it does in more extreme conditions, but I'm extremely happy with the setup. Looking forward to some sport touring/surfing trips, definitely a Baja trip in the near future.


cryptomail said...

OMG your surf rack is AWESOME!!!
How did you make/get that one bottom mounting piece? Please please please tell me how and the parts list and I'm going to buy all that stuff *STAT*!!!
I so want it for my bike!!!
--josh (aka cryptomail :) )

Colin said...

hey sup cryptomail - the rack part is actually made for scooters. it's a Carver surf rack, got it for ~$120, and it was pretty easy to adapt it to the existing Givi rack on my bike. you ride, i assume? let me know if you're serious about installing a surf rack on your moto, i'd be glad to lend a hand

cryptomail said...

Well I'm waiting for my XR rack to come but in the meantime, yeah, I'll order the moped version stat, so maybe things will come at the same time! :)
Can't wait!
email me at joshuat at gee mail dot com, then we can talk in ways other than blahhhger :)

cryptomail said...

done and done.
Now waiting for my eagles to land :D