Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Session 91 - K street

Another day, another foggy dawn patrol. Visibility was poor, but the conditions were a bit cleaner than yesterday AM. NW fading, S swell filling in a bit. Roughly the same size as yesterday, sets shoulder high max. One other guy out, and some seals flopping around. First wave went for a late drop and didn't make it. Next wave took off deep, then bottom turned around the section and swooped back up into the pocket. A few nice turns and kicked out. My last wave was the longest ride, a chest high left that walled up nicely and took me all the way into the beach.


Nic said...

geez man, you tryin' to catch up to me? At this pace you're gonna have more sessions in 6 months of '08 than I got all year!!!

I'm writing this from Puerto Rico, which may not quite be Bali, but it is still a lot of fun!

Colin said...

nice, how long you in PR for??

you'll get my email, but i think i want to shift my focus from # of sessions to focus on higher wave counts and more time in the water, so i'm gonna do a marathon session, try and catch 100 waves in one game?