Tuesday, May 12, 2009

migraines & mishaps

so yesterday i woke up with a terrible throbbing headache. i tried to get out of bed and do the whole get ready for work thing, but it wasn't happening. just keeping my eyes open was making my head hurt. went back to bed for a few hours, woke up with my head still pounding, and let the office know that i was gonna be working from home. ended up taking a few advil and sleeping until 11:35.

spent the rest of the day working in the living room with a dull headache, but also decided I'd do a Home Depot run to get some materials to drywall the shaping bay finally. went to Home Depot around 5, and picked up everything I needed including 6 sheets of drywall. there was no way to fit the drywall in the car (the sheets are 4'x8') so i threw them up onto the roof racks with some help from a random guy in the parking lot. strapped them down and made sure they were secure, and started driving really slow. I calculated the slowest, most direct route home would be to take skyline to sloat, and then just take 46th all the way home. Turning onto Skyline, I slowly brought my speed up to 30 mph. The speed limit there is 55, so people were flying by me. Just as I was approaching the country club, a big gust of wind blew, and I heard a loud CRACK!!! and saw broken pieces of drywall flying behind the car. Not good... Luckily there was nobody tailgating me, so the drywall just landed flat in the road. I pulled over as soon as I had a shoulder. The top 4 sheets of drywall had broken practically in half, with only the bottom 2 sheets still fully intact. shitty. I made some adjustments, and continued on my way, keeping it around 20 mph and pulling over anytime there were cars behind me. It sucked. After that I crawled home incident free, and hopefully have enough drywall now to at least cover the ceiling. I think next time I'll need to use the motorcycle trailer to haul the drywall more securely and with less wind resistance, maybe with some ply or 2'x4's to brace it on the top and prevent it from flexing so much.

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