Friday, May 8, 2009

shaper session

So last night i headed to SC after work to meet up with Wu Wallace, who I'm buying a fishy board off of. He brought the blank along, and will be sending it to the glasser soon. It's an interesting shape because it doesn't have a swallow tail, more of a really wide rounded tail, with the rest of the dimensions similar to a retro fish. I'm gonna have him make it a quad, and if it rides as planned it will be really drivey and fast with plenty of guts to get past flat spots, but will hold well and turn fluidly because of the rounded tail. Definitly a unique board, it will be a good addition to the quiver, especially for summer OB. We had a little session on the west side, got a few good sets that were big and hollow enough to pull into, but the lulls were long and it got dark quick. Wu was really cool, we chopped it up about surfing, shaping and boards for a good hour before heading out. I'm stoked to be getting a new board and building a relationship with a shaper, and starting to shape myself. Gotta get the bay drywalled still and order some tools, time to crank out some boards!
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