Monday, July 20, 2009

Friday @ the Lane

After playing some volleyball and watching the seals breach at Manresa, we headed to Santa Cruz to stroll downtown and catch some waves. While we were checking Steamers some guy lost his hat in the water, and I rescued it for him. That was my good deed of the day, and I was rewarded later on with some fun waves wrapping all the way from the Slot down through Indicators. The lulls were really long, so I sat and chatted with an older guy who ripped, and we took turns picking off the best set waves, which were shoulder high and fast. Joanie caught some decent rides on the inside as well, but eventually the creeping tide washed it out and we called it a day. We drove north and stayed at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel, which has an awesome jacuzzi overlooking the ocean.
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Joanie said...

that was a good firs steamers session, considering i caught a few waves. i just wish i stood up on all of them. maybe i will rent a foam board next time :P Thanks for taking me to manresa. i love camping with you.

Colin said...

you don't need a foamie, i will shape you a board as soon as i get the room finished! it will be the best joanie board ever...i love camping with you too bubba