Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new GoPro camera

cause 5 megapixels is better than 3. and it's not like I don't use it enough. I also splurged and bought a whole bunch of extra mounting devices so I can take the camera mountain biking or motorcycling with me. even got the board mount thingy, although I don't have the wide angle camera, so unless I mount it on a log it will probably result in a lot of pictures of my legs. there's also the dilemna of what board to mount it on. I don't want to put it on my quad because I sometimes like to run the nose, so having a baseplate wouldn't be cool, not to mention the board is only 5'9". maybe i'll put it on my 6'5" JC and take it barrel hunting this winter, I'd love a picture of my legs getting a sick barrel. I want to experiment with facing the camera forward too, since I'd rather have a picture of the wave when I pull into a closeout than a picture of myself getting closed out on.

anyway, this morning the waves were a little bigger than yesterday, but a little junkier too. a few fun little drainers, but mostly out there just enjoying the sun and the water. i'm hoping this south swell fills in so I score some waves this Thursday and Friday down in Santa Cruz.
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Ramin said...

Oooo 5 megapixels and board mounts... and I thought whales to heaven couldn't get any better! Stoked to see your legs get barreled.

Nic said...

Yeah, can definitely tell the difference in the pics. Looks good.

Yep hopefully we get some good surf. Looks like we might -- good timing for your Manresa trip!

Joanie said...

wow you're movin' on up. hopefully no more blurred out pics or washed out sessions. hope u like it!

Colin said...

yeah happy with the new camera so far, pics are definitely clearer and less washed out, hardly have to tweak them! i got so used to having to adjust the fill light and the contrast with the old camera. hopefully this weekend the waves will pick up and i'll have something to shoot.