Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday @ WC

Checking out of the hostel took longer than I anticipated, so I was late meeting up with Nic, Josh and Ramin, but Joanie spotted their cars on the side of the road. As I suited up I watched the crew catch a good amount of little crumblers, and saw Ramin piggydoggy a little closeout. Good stuff. By the time I made it down to the water the peak they were sitting on wasn't working well, so they had moved south. However, the peak just north of where I was looked good, and only 1 guy on it, so I opted for a few waves to myself. Joanie found a nice little ledge to perch herself on and busted out the Jetboil to make some hot breakfast and coffee. Waves were pretty poor, as the onshore winds were beating it up, but I still managed a few decent rides. When I got out of the water Joanie welcomed me with a cup of hot chocolate, which was a real treat. I'm a pretty lucky surfer, having a wonderful wife shooting pics and making me cocoa!
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Joanie said...

im a pretty lucky girl to have all these wonderful places to sip hot coco with you!