Friday, September 18, 2009

not 5 stars OB

practically no wind, but choppy, fat waves nonetheless. lots of annoying currents too, so non-stop paddling. caught a few good waves though, ended up sitting on a peak near lincoln with Will and Tosh, and some guy who drove in from Berkeley. Sets were head high+, but pretty fat and mushy, making them tough to position for. Hopefully this weekend will be cleaner and it will improve as the tide changes, or else I'll probably be venturing south looking for surf. Here's a couple pics of Will making a weird warbly drop.
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Johannes said...

Colin, obviously I wasn't there but I think you may have missed something in your writeup: This set of pictures has a nice, warm, clear morning light - no fog or gray sky as one would expect from SF, haha. Very nice!

Colin said...

ahh yeah the sunrise was really pretty that was a fairly negative sounding post, i know, i think i was just frustrated from paddling so much for so few rides!