Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Kelly's Cove

By 10am Ocean Beach was big but blustery and onshore, so Ramin and Josh swung by and we decided to head up to Bolinas. Turned out to be a bust, as Bobo was super small and blown to pieces. Ended up driving back to OB and paddling out at Kirkham. The paddle out was brutal, I duckdove 39 walls of whitewater before finally making it outside, in just under 10 minutes (yes, I counted). Ramin and I somehow managed to stay together, but by the time we made it out we had already drifted up to Lincoln. Josh on the other hand ended up getting out way south of where we were. Waves were mushy but big, definitely some 1.5x overhead sets. Right out of the gate I caught a few decent ones. Got a few bombs that I didn't think I was going to make, but was able to stick the drop and bottom turn, airing out the back and landing precariously on the front of my board on one of them. Some kid on a purple board was going for broke, and took a pretty good beating. After his wipeout in the pics below I'm pretty sure he paddled in to the beach. I don't blame him... Ramin was charging as always, taking off late and getting worked on a few, but making a few good ones as well. Snapped a neat speed blur photo of his bottom turn on one of the smaller waves. We weren't able to find Josh in the lineup, depite his day-glo board, but after Ram and I paddled in Josh waved to us from the water. Got a pic of his last ride, and then we made the long trek back to the car, all three of us famished. We headed over to La Playa Taqueria and capped off a memorable session with some burritos. Good times, but still jonesing for some offshore wind to ring in the fall surf season.
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David S said...

then, I used YOUR duck dive count as an input to MY formula, and was ABLE to deduce a period of 15.3846 seconds!