Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunday OB 11am

Not enough time to venture south for sunnier skies and smoother surf, so I decided to wait and see if it would get sunny. Started burning through around 10:30, and Ryan and I paddled out around 11. Sets looked about head high, and breaking pretty far out on the sandbar. We paddled. And we paddled. And paddled some more. On my way out some dude on a retro looking pink board was shredding, hitting a nice floater to connect a long ride. Finally made it out, and caught a few pitching rights. Made a couple of really late drops, and the quad would slide into the pocket before slabilizing and connecting the inside rail. I had fun pushing the tail around on my turns today, the waves were fast enough that I could really lean into my top turn and slide the tail around a few feet. I'm gonna enjoy pushing the limits of that thing this fall in bigger waves. Anyways, tomorrow the forecast is calling for glass, so I might try and wake Joan up early to take a stroll to the beach...
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