Thursday, July 24, 2008

Session 17 - Wednesday evening floater

Surf was chest high to a few feet overhead on sets, and onshore winds blowing at ~17knots. I got a new shark watch for the bali trip, and paddled out with it for the first time. Paddling against the constant walls of whitewater was a good workout, had me huffing and puffing at points. It took 11 minutes of constant paddling and duck diving before I finally made it all the way outside. I sat out on the outer bar and waited for some set waves. First wave was just a drop and shoulder, so I kicked out right away to avoid getting stuck inside and having to fight to get back out. I caught a few more, and my last wave was an overhead closeout where I pumped down the line and pulled a really long floater over the closeout section, only to get greedy and try to hold it too long, the wave eventually sucking my board from under me and wiping out. Even though I didn't land it, it was a sick floater for my standards. Now I just have to work on getting my timing down and actually riding out!

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Chad said...

Ya bud, thanks for the Shark Watch mention! Chad