Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sessions 4 & 5

Already neglecting this blog....but still trying to keep on track with my sessions. Sessions 4 and 5 were at OB again. Third session was after work, foggy and drippy, 7:30 pm. Joan was a trooper and came out with her bodyboard and fins. The waves were 3-4 and sloppy, with a strong onshore wind. Caught a few decent little rides though, and the highlight of the evening was definitely the ride that Joanie and I caught together and rode to the beach. Joan turned and started kicking for a wave, and I paddled alongside her. She didn't even realize that I was on the same wave, but I turned and started riding towards her with my hand outstretched. Squinting from the spray, she saw me coming towards her and reached out for my hand. We held on to one another and had a pretty long proned out ride all the way to the sand. Definitely a memorable session, if only for that one husband and wife ride ;)

Session 5 was the next morning. The swell picked up a bit, and was consistently pushing chest to shoulder high waves through. Only 2 other guys were out, and the weather was actually really nice. Suddenly I didn't feel well and had to call in sick. I surfed for a solid 2 hours, and caught a lot of fun rides. The waves were deceivingly good, and I was able to connect sections together for some pretty long rides, especially for OB standards. Lots of opportunities to practice my cutbacks, floaters, and snaps. Maybe I'll actually have improved by the time I get to Bali? We'll see...

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