Thursday, July 10, 2008

Session 7 - Wednesday evening

Swell fading a bit, and tide going out. Sean came over and we all paddled out around 7pm. The waves were waist high, with an occasional chest high set rolling through. Joanie caught a bunch of waves within the first 15 minutes, but then decided to paddle in. Sean and I continued to drift south down the beach with the outgoing tide, and caught some decent rides. The tide shifted and wind calmed, and eventually the waves were breaking more steeply over a sandbar by Noriega. My best wave was a right that walled up nicely and I was in the perfect spot. Unfortunately someone was in the way, and I had to turn to avoid hitting him, missing my best opportunity of the day to pull into a clean little barrel. Oh well, I probably would've botched it somehow anyway. Sean caught a few clean ones, and we eventually had to paddle to the outer sandbar to catch waves. We surfed until sunset, and by the time we got out we had drifted all the way to Pacheco. It was a good long session, and it was fun to surf with Sean again. Next time I'll make sure Joanie stays out longer too...

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